4 Awesomely Effortless Ways to Rock Your Polka Dot Skirt

Who here loves polka dots? (I do! I do!) It’s a timeless pattern that is insanely versatile. Peek into the closet of almost any American female and you’re likely to find at least one polka-dotted garment. Skirts are also a staple in nearly every woman’s collection, so I wanted to …

4 Drugstore Products on My Beauty Wish List

I am was¬†a self-proclaimed product junkie. I love trying new beauty products. However, diapers and clothes for the kids always trump a new shade of lipstick that my husband swears I already have, so I keep a beauty wish list of all the products I’m looking forward to trying.

Shrimp Goes Southwest! {5 Marvelous Ways to Spice Up My Favorite Food}

Shrimp is my favorite food. Of all time. You’ve seen Forrest Gump. (Maybe that should have been a question, but if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump.. Well, you need to.) I’m like Bubba. I love shrimp. All kinds of shrimp. Since moving to Arizona 6 years ago, I’ve also developed …

5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Decorate a Birthday Cake

Cake decorating takes a certain skill… that I don’t have. And, if you’re like me, you’re not going to want to take a birthday cake to your child’s party if it looks like your child is the one who made it, no matter how good it actually¬†tastes.