About Bumble Bits and the Queen B

Bumble Bits is a creative lifestyle blog devoted to easy DIY, beauty, food, and other fun ideas for making life more colorful for busy bees! || BumbleBits.co


I’m “Bri McG” – a vibrant, upbeat stay-at-home mom that believes in living a creative, colorful, yet, simple life.


Finding ways to fit fun and creativity into every buzzing, modern day is not easy for young ladies – especially young moms! (And when I say young I also mean the young at heart. Age is just a number, right?)


I created Bumble Bits as a creative outlet to explore and share easy ideas and inspiration for making each day a bit sweeter.


I crave color and fun, but – especially as a mom – I have so many ideas and aspirations and hobbies I’m eager to explore that I’m also aiming to make my life as simple as possible!


Living a creative, colorful life can be easy and I’m on a mission to prove it! (Mostly to myself.¬†ūüėČ)


I also hope to spread little seeds of sunshine and inspire other busy queen bees to make their worlds brighter and more beautiful too!


Because little bits can make a big difference!



A Bit More About Bri McG:

  • My family is everything. My incredible husband treats me like a queen and my two wonderful kids couldn’t be any sweeter!
  • I love mimosas + coffee, Lisa Frank, and I never leave the house without mascara on.
  • I try to be healthy, but I’m addicted to sprinkles (and french fries)!
  • I was raised in the South, though my home now is in Tucson, Arizona – sunshine makes me happy!
  • I watch (and quote)¬†The Office, Gilmore Girls,¬†and¬†It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia¬†way too much.
  • My spirit animal is an otter.