About Bumble Bits and the Queen B

Bumble Bits is a new blog devoted to inspiring busy ladies to add fresh and simple bits of fun to every day!


About Bumble Bits and Bri McG | bumblebits.co


I’m Brianna McGarvin (or Bri McG): a buzzing wife and mom who believes that life should be fun! That’s why I’m passionate about discovering and sharing fun, fresh ideas for making each day a little sweeter.


I’m one of those people who wants to do everything. I’ve dabbled in writing, acting, makeup design, costume/fashion design, crafting, cooking, and so on – I’m just too curious to have only one focus! As a mother – and now as a new blogger – I feel like I have the perfect opportunity to combine all my bits of knowledge and skills to create a life in which I can continue to grow and thrive.


I invite you to learn from – and with – me as I continue to carve my own path through life and motherhood. Whether it’s sharing my favorite beauty tips, encouraging you to try a new recipe, or inspiring you with bits of my own crazy journey, I want to help you add bits of fun to each day – because little bits can make a big difference!

About Bumble Bits and Bri McG | bumblebits.co

And in case you were wondering..

I have an amazing husband (Cori) who treats me like a queen and two wonderful kids (Mila and Warner) who couldn’t be any sweeter. I was raised in the South and now I live in Arizona. I love coffee and Lisa Frank and I never leave the house without mascara on. Diet Dr. Pepper is the only diet drink I actually like. I laugh out loud every time I watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. My spirit animal is an otter and I will randomly wear tanning oil while out running errands in a lame attempt to add a bit of color to my skin, but mostly, I like the smell✌️.