The Easiest No Bake Cream Cheese Dessert

  This heavenly no bake cream cheese dessert is rich and creamy with the perfect amount of that terrific subtle cream cheese zest. With just a handful of simple ingredients and a few minutes of preparation, it’s one of the most effortless desserts you can make! It’s a dream come …

Sweet Champagne Treats || Celebrate Every Day!

  Champagne is fantastic! It tastes good. It makes you feel good. Refreshing bubbles are always fun – it’s even fun to open! I love that loud distinct POP of a bottle of bubbly being opened – it’s a signal that good times are ahead!

Vanilla Cupcake No Bake Cookies {& Free Printable Recipe Card!}

  Life is better with sprinkles on top. I love making things more colorful and fun! So I’m real “sweet” on putting new twists on classic recipes – like no bake cookies! (Sorry, I could not resist that pun. 😝)

One-Pot Taco Lentil Chili // Quick, Easy, & Delicious!

  Dinner the night before Thanksgiving Day too often goes forgotten about until the very last-minute. Most of us are so busy and distracted planning for the annual autumn feast that it gets easy for other meal planning to fall by the wayside. And even though I’ll be spending most …

5 Fun, Fresh, and Simple Pancake Ideas to Try Right Now!

You know, you’re not too busy to have a fun, fresh, and simple breakfast. I know you think you are, but it’s easy to have a fun, tasty breakfast by simply adding a couple of ingredients to your favorite pancake batter! Pancakes, simple as they may be, are already delicious just …

Shrimp Goes Southwest! {5 Marvelous Ways to Spice Up My Favorite Food}

Shrimp is my favorite food. Of all time. You’ve seen Forrest Gump. (Maybe that should have been a question, but if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump.. Well, you need to.) I’m like Bubba. I love shrimp. All kinds of shrimp. Since moving to Arizona 6 years ago, I’ve also developed …

5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Decorate a Birthday Cake

Cake decorating takes a certain skill… that I don’t have. And, if you’re like me, you’re not going to want to take a birthday cake to your child’s party if it looks like your child is the one who made it, no matter how good it actually tastes.